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Stay connected with your clients and become their partners in healthcare for the lifetime of the pet.


Pet Health Programs that Engage and Impress.

Our extensive range of education and health awareness programs will help increase client compliance and engagement between visits and offer ongoing value. Each program is designed to support the veterinarian, drive health awareness, and improve the uptake of your product and service recommendations.

How it works.

Simply prescribe the pet healthcare program or automate it from your practice management system and start engaging meaningfully with your clients. Access nearly 20 multi-part, digital programs that will be drip-fed to your clients in an easy and digestible format to improve pet health outcomes and home care compliance.

Our most popular programs.

New puppy program.

Bringing home a new puppy for the first time can be a daunting experience. This 4 part email series support new pet parents and covers important tips on socialization, nutrition, parasite prevention, vaccinations, desexing, and more.

Weight management program.

Pets who are able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight live longer, happier lives than their overweight or obese counterparts. This 4 part email series will covers easy-to-implement weight loss strategies and nutrition tips.

Osteoarthritis management program.

Help your clients and their pets adapt to this irreversible condition with a multi-modal program. This 4 part email series covers nutrition, pain management, therapeutic exercises (videos), and environmental modifications to help these pets lead a mobile and comfortable life.

Heart disease management program.

Heart disease can be diagnosed in as many as 60% of senior pets. This 4 part email series cover nutrition, ongoing monitoring and exercise to help these pets live a long and healthy life.

Kidney disease management program.

Did you know that kidney disease affects 1 in 3 cats? Help your clients manage a cat with kidney disease and give them the best chance at a long and health life. This 4 part email series covers nutrition, ongoing monitoring, and environmental modifications.

NEW! Adolescent puppy program.

The peak in puppy adoptions and restrictions seen during the COVID pandemic has seen a rise in unruly adolescent puppy behaviors. With this 4 part series, help your clients get through this difficult puppy phase and help shape these teens into well-adjusted adults.

Practice-branded programs

We've designed our templates with your needs in mind. Edit and share in just a few clicks.

Can't find a program?

We're always updating our pet health programs library to make your life easy. If you can't find the program you are looking for, just reach out to our team at

Social media library

We know that keeping your clients engaged on social media can be time-consuming. That’s why VetCheck has created a library of nearly 500 images and posts for you to simply download and schedule.

What’s included

VetCheck Programs




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Utilize the VetCheck health programs and social media library to engage with your customers between visits and stay front of mind.

  • Up to 20 health program templates designed to support your customers on specific health journeys e.g. kitten care, puppy care, senior care, OA, heart disease.
  • A library of over 500 social media templates and copy to save you time.

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