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Veterinary videos

Bring life to your client communications with VetCheck videos.

Select and share practice-branded videos

The VetCheck library of videos include common healthcare topics that vet teams often don't have the time to discuss.

How to brush your pet's teeth
How to apply eye drops or ointment
How to administer insulin
Puppy training videos

Improve home care compliance

Studies show the use of short video clips allow for more efficient processing and memory recall. The VetCheck step-by-step short videos allow for maximum comprehension.

Easily upload your own videos

Conveniently upload your own videos for easy access by your team and instantly share to your customers to share your knowledge.

About VetCheck

In today’s busy practice, client communication can be extremely difficult. Yet, it is one of the most important aspects of the clinical process with callbacks, unrealistic expectations and clients not following recommendations the by products of client confusion.VetCheck is a new kind of client communication platform bringing all your client communications together in one place to help you save time while helping you to deliver high quality care, build stronger client relationships and improve compliance. With 1400 easily searchable templates, we’ve got you covered when it comes to client education. You can easily select, customise, create new digital communications and share directly to the customers mobile device with a 99% engagement rate.

The best way to understand VetCheck is to try it!

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