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How treatment plans can improve customer relationships

Treatment plans are essential to the process of informed consent.

Treatment plans are targeted to the pet owner and outline the current issue, patient history, medications and potential adverse effects, cost estimates and the duration of treatment. They are usually given at the start of treatment so that the client is fully informed of the treatment required.

Benefits of a treatment plan

Decreased complaints

Many complaints arise at the time at which the payment is expected. Outlining the expected costs, itemising the treatments and estimating the duration of treatment will help reduce complaints.

Increased compliance

Improved knowledge of the problem and care options will drive informed compliance to treatment protocols and prescriptions.

Improved customer satisfaction

Delivering a personalised service will help demonstrate your commitment to the customer and encourage a proactive approach to pet care.

Good record keeping

The VetCheck digital platform allows you to eliminate paperwork and create a treatment plan in <1 minute. All VetCheck treatment plans and estimates are stored for a minimum of 7 years and can form part of the patient's records.