Your digital spring toolkit

This digital toolkit includes ready-to-go client communications about pet care during spring, including:

  1. Social media posts to help drive more business
  2. Handouts to use on your website or in newsletters
  3. Marketing campaigns including the allergy health assessment

Social media posts

Social media is a great way to actively connect with your clients and educate them about your services. We’ve created some free social media posts relating to pet care in spring for you to use and grow your business. Simply ‘right click’ on the image to save it to your desktop.

Accompany the images with simple copy such as:


VetCheck handouts can be customised into a pet report card, treatment plan or discharge instruction to help keep your client's informed about their pet's health. Practice-branded handouts can also be uploaded to social media or added to your newsletter. To do this, simply share a handout to your practice email address, grab the link and insert it into your social media post or newsletter.


Food allergies

Elimination diet

Marketing & educational campaigns

Allergies are extremely common in spring. It's a great opportunity to promote your practice and your services and to grow your practice. VetCheck has a number of educational and marketing tools to help you differentiate yourself from the rest.

"Take our free, digital allergy health assessment today!"

Allergy health assessment