It takes less than a few seconds to get started with VetCheck | Client communication software .

Getting started with VetCheck – Tips to hit the ground running

VetCheck works best when everyone is on board.

We often get asked how do we get our team to use VetCheck. Potential users know a lot of practices have adopted VetCheck to improve communications, productivity and increase client loyalty. But, they aren’t sure where to start. We’ve got some simple, quick ways to get you started.

1. Register your practice

Someone at your practice signs up for free. You can always upgrade to paid features later on.

2. Signing up for the first time

Locate your team by entering your business postcode and finding your business within the drop down menu. If you are unable to locate your team, using the business postcode, email us at .

Signing up requires you to choose an email address as the username and a password. Please keep this confidential and secure.

An email will be sent to both your username email address as well as the business email address on file, as verification.

3. Setting up on other devices

To set up on other devices and download VetCheck to your desktop computers, tablet or smartphone devices, visit VetCheckand click on 'Log in' and use your existing account username and password that you set up originally.

If you forget your password, select "don't remember your password?" and follow the prompts.

Share with a small team who regularly work together. Download VetCheck to every work desktop, tablets and smartphone.

Choose a few handouts that are a must for each customer:

  1. Vaccination handout with the next due date
  2. Flea handout with next due date after each product sold
  3. Post surgery care handout with post op appointment after each procedure
  4. Pet health summary after each consultation

4. Pet care information sheets

Pet care information sheets are provided for teams to help educate their customers. They can be shared during a consultation or over the phone. They can also be customised based on a personal conversation you may have had with the customer.

To share a handout:

5. Downloading your data

To download your data:

6. Re-assess

After a month of VetCheck, take a moment to assess how it performed.

If the response is positive, the next step is to set up a staff meeting, present your findings and demonstrate the ease of VetCheck. Decide and agree as a team, which scenarios will receive a VetCheck health summary or handout.

Agree on responsibilities:

It takes less than 1 minute to create a pet health summary so time should not be a road block.

7. Launch day

VetCheck works best when everyone is on board. Set up a poster at reception and in the treatment room to remind staff about the scenarios on when to share VetCheck communications – at a minimum these should include pet health summaries or treatment plans after each consultation, post surgery care handout or discharge instructions after each procedure, vaccination handout with a next due date etc.