Differentiating your veterinary practice by focusing on the Pet Owner.

Differentiating your practice

Customers cannot easily compare practices based on medical expertise. A profitable practice is one that focuses on the customer.

Realistically, your customers cannot easily compare practices based on medical expertise. They can only differentiate a veterinary practice from one another by the level of customer service they receive and the perceived value. Exceptional communication and empathy are the key to differentiating your practice.

A 2015 AAHA study found that communication and customer service were the key focuses in the veterinary practices that experience growth. “Clear communication far outweighs cost as a driver of defection for pet owners,” Dr Cavanaugh said. “The level of medicine you provide will not be appreciated if you can’t make it understandable and relevant for the pet owner. It's essential to describe the value of your medicine in a manner that the pet owner can understand.”

5 areas essential for practice growth

  1. Commitment to higher team standards
  2. Simplifying the vet visit such as through digital treatment plans, appointment reminders, forward booking, payment plans
  3. Embracing the team approach with the pet owner and vet practice to achieve the best care for the pet
  4. Making pet owner understanding a focus through the sharing of pet history on their own pet portal
  5. Adding value at every step whether it be education, mobile pet reports, appointment reminders or access to pet history