Improving Client Communication with VetCheck to Increase Compliance, Pet Owner Satisfaction and Better Pet Health Outomes.

Effective client communication

Good communication underpins every aspect of good veterinary practice.

Effective communication can increase after-care compliance, enhance pet owner satisfaction and most importantly better pet health outcomes. Veterinary practices that communicate well tend to do better financially through decreased complaints, decreased stress, happier customers, increased word of mouth, better pet health and more practice advocates.

Tips to effective communication

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Show empathy and concern
  3. Offer clear answers and instructions
  4. Seek assistance or referral when appropriate
  5. Address customer concerns or complaints
  6. Set realistic expectations
  7. Inform all relevant family members - note that primary carers are not always present
  8. Offer verbal and written digital communications in simple language
  9. Maintain current professional knowledge
  10. Train staff to develop a team of well-educated communicators
  11. Written communication protocols
  12. Document all communications