VetCheck - PetBooqz Integration

Using VetCheck's Integration with PetBooqz

The PetBooqz integration allows you to edit, create, and share VetCheck client communications from PetBooqz. Seamlessly engage with customers at every interaction with digital forms with e-signatures, pre-treatment information, discharge instructions and home care compliance videos by integrating it into your patient history information or within SMS reminders.

Set up the PetBooqz integration

  1. You will need a VetCheck account.
    • You will be required to set up a VetCheck username and password by clicking on 'get started' on the homepage of .
    • Once your account has been set up, you will be able to access it via PetBooqz.
    • Contact if you do not have an account
  2. In your PetBooqz account, click on the VetCheck icon.

You'll be redirected to VetCheck login to enter your username and password

Forms with e-signatures

Select from a variety of consent forms and health questionnaires.

Handouts, Discharge Instructions and Treatment plans

Finding your way around the VetCheck forms, handouts, editing, sharing and automating.

Step 1: Search, choose and customise a template

Search by animal species, videos, pre-treatment, discharge instructions or home care or by key search word.

Step 2: Edit

Once you’ve chosen what kind of handout you’d like to share, you can edit it within PetBooqz and store it within "my handouts" for easy access. You can use the toolbar to edit colour, size, fonts or even the header title or key search words using “Edit Preferences”.

Step 3: Share your client communication

Once you’re happy with your client communication, it’s time to share it. Click the “Share” button in the header. Search the client or patient and click “Share”. Your client will receive the alert in real time that they have received “important pet health information" from your practice, helping to reach a 99% pet owner open rate!

Example of a client communication

Common applications:

  • Consultation summaries
  • Pre-surgery plan
  • Post-surgery care
  • Bandage care
  • Elizabethan collar
  • What to expect with desexing
  • Desexing-discharge instructions
  • Vaccination handouts
  • Home care compliance such as how to brush your pet’s teeth, how to apply eye medication, how to administer insulin

Step 4: Review client communications

Easily locate client communications within the patient details under the "handout" tabs. These client communication links are secure and viable for at least 10 years and will form part of the client and patient record.

Step 5: Automate your client communication

Automate client communications at the time of invoicing by attaching them to service or product items and ensure your clients are getting the right information at the right time. This is particularly important in sharing drug information, home compliance videos, pre surgery information and more.

Firstly, as you download or edit handouts through the standard PetBooqz VetCheck browser, ID’s and titles need to be transferred to the admin module for adding handouts to items for auto sending. There’s a button on the browser screen to update those ID’s as you need. Users should click on that to transfer ID’s across and make them available in admin.

Cloud icon to the right of new

Locate the service item that you wish to add a VetCheck handout, select "Handouts" and within the dropdown menu, find the handout you wish to auto share.

For example:

  • The carprofen handout with potential side effects to the carprofen product
  • The vaccination handout with potential adverse reactions to the vaccination product

  • The pentosan handout to the pentosan product
  • The bandage care handout to the bandage item
  • The Elizabethan collar care sheet to the ecollar item

Integrating VetCheck into your clinical practice

VetCheck seamlessly integrates into your way of practice, helping you to deliver high quality care and increase client satisfaction.

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Pre-visit communications

Communication type When to use Why use
Welcome to our practice New client booking or attach link to online booking confirmation message

Shows professionalism.

Sets the expectation for payment and more.

Adds value

New client form New client booking or attach link to online booking confirmation message

Helps obtain a lot more information about the patient, parasiticides, vaccination history.

Reduces paper forms.

What to expect with desexing and why it is important Desexing booking

Sets out why desexing is important.

Sets the expectations about fasting before surgery, risks when the pet is in heat and aftercare.

What to expect with a dental prophylaxis Dental booking

Sets out why dental health is important.

Sets the expectations about why a GA is important, that extractions may incur further charges and aftercare.

How to prepare your pet for surgery Surgery booking Sets the expectations about fasting, grooming before the day of surgery and aftercare.
Behaviour or allergy questionnaires Behaviour or skin bookings These consultations are notoriously long. By sharing online forms you can obtain a lot more patient history before the visit so the vet can keep on time and focus on the diagnostics and treatment plan.
Vaccination handouts Vaccination booking

Sets out what to expect at the vaccination and the value of an examination as well.

It also outlines potential adverse reactions to look out for after the vaccination.

Post-visit communications

Communication type Why
Desexing-discharge instructions

Sets our expectations on how the pet may feel after a GA, when to offer food, and the importance of confinement.

Dental prophylaxis - discharge instructions

Sets our expectations on how the pet may feel after a GA, when to offer food and what type, what to expect with extractions.

It can also be customised to add medications and revisit appointments.

Bandage care

Sets out the importance of keeping the bandage dry and clean.

Informs the client on what to look out for and when there could be a problem.

Elizabethan collar

Sets out the importance of persisting with the collar and tips on how to get the pet accustomed to it.

Informs the client of additional charges should surgery need to be repeated and the risks involved.

Pentosan course Sets out what to expect in terms of the time committment required by the client and expected improvements.
Pet health summaries Clients can only take in 40% of what we say verbally. By sharing simple pet health summaries after the vet visit, we can add so much value and ensure our clients have all the information they need to follow our recommendations and get the best pet health outcomes.
Client satisfaction surveys Share every 6-12 months to clients to gain invaluable feedback on your services.