VetCheck - Increasing practice profitability through vet nurse and technician clinics

Increasing practice profitability through vet nurse and technician clinics | VetCheck

Veterinary nurse clinics can increase a practice’s profitability by freeing up the veterinarians for other procedures, increasing compliance, improving client loyalty and for profit-making duties.

The key to successful nurse clinics is training, support and the provision of the right tools.

Pet owners are very receptive to vet nurse clinics and perceive them as a source of professional education and supportive advice (Source: Carney et al., 2012) at a reduced cost or free service.


An AVMA biennial economic survey showed that a qualified veterinary nurse could generate $161,493 more in revenue. (AVMA. AVMA report on veterinary practice business measures. 2009 ed. Schaumburg, Ill: AVMA, 2009)

Exceptional customer service – Client engagement on a one-to-one basis can strengthen client relationships, improve education and support the veterinary recommendations to better pet health outcomes.

Increase compliance - Health education is an integral part of veterinary nursing where their knowledge can help influence attitudes and client behaviours (Traynor, 2003).

Collection of data parameters – Scheduling routine diagnostics with nurses e.g. blood tests, urinalysis, radiography, weight measurements can improve patient data collection.

Drive sales - Nurse clinics increase foot traffic and product sales e.g. parasiticides, dental care, life stage nutrition, as well as increase veterinarian appointments, procedures and diagnostics.

Team empowerment – Veterinary nurses gain so much from running clinics with the opportunity to utilise their skillset, provide exceptional care and improve pet owner education.

Steps to setting up a successful vet nurse clinic

Effective communication, good training and pre-set resources are fundamental to the successful delivery of nurse clinics.

Step 1 - Training Step 2 - Promotions Step 3 - Tools
Using VetCheck nurse clinic resources can be used to build knowledge and ensure a standardisation of delivery. Nurse clinics are best utilised when promoted by the veterinarian as an adjunct to their services and incorporated into the overall strategy of the practices marketing. Giving the nurse the right tools is important- stethoscopes, nail clippers, weighing scales, thermometers, allocation of time, a consult room and client education tools.

To avoid confusion, clients must be made fully aware that the nurse cannot offer diagnosis or prescriptions.

VetCheck nurse clinic resources

Here are some commonly used nurse resources:

  • Puppy school program
  • Dental management
  • Parasite control
  • Nutrition – life stage, species, breed
  • Weight management
  • Grooming
  • Anal glands
  • Exercise regimes
  • Nail clippings
  • Diagnostic testing e.g. bloodwork, urinalysis
  • Homecare compliance e.g. how to give a tablet, how to administer insulin, how to brush your pet’s teeth
  • Palliative care