Run a more efficient veterinary consultation in 3 easy steps | VetCheck

Run a more efficient consultation in 3 easy steps

VetCheck’s pre-consultation tools capture a more accurate patient history including current symptoms and medications from the pet owner. It then summarises the data into concise medical notes, ready for your review, before the visit.

More accurate information. More time for treatment.

How it works

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Select the relevant health assessment e.g. behaviour, senior, allergy. Share the forms secure link prior to the consultation so that your client can complete on any digital device. Receive a concise summary of the patient history and symptoms before the visit.


Over the phone - Pet owner books a senior health check over the phone Receptionist shares the VetCheck Senior Health Assessment over the phone
Online appointment system - Pet owner books a vaccination appointment online The VetCheck Wellness Health Assessment is automatically shared within the online bookings confirmation email or SMS
Website forms - Pet owner is new to the practice The VetCheck New Patient History Form link is available on your website for your reception to direct the client to.
Social media campaigns - Vet runs a osteoarthritis campaign in winter The VetCheck Osteoarthritis Health Assessment link is shared on the practice’s social media or newsletters for customers to take online and determine if their pet is at risk of OA

Benefit of VetCheck online health assessments

Reduce paperwork - Writing history notes should not be time-consuming. VetCheck will save you up to 10 hours of history taking per week.

Control the consultation - Understand the clients’ agenda prior to the consultation and plan for their visit.

More time to focus on the treatment plan - By reducing the time required to take notes, VetCheck creates more efficient consultations so you can focus more on the treatment.

Improve patient outcomes - Spend more time discussing treatment options and answering client questions.

Drive proactive pet healthcare – Running pet healthcare campaigns will help pet owners be more proactive with their pet care and position your practice as the go-to for pet healthcare.

VetCheck online health assessments

Here are some commonly used VetCheck health assessments:

  • Senior pet
  • Wellness
  • Behaviour
  • Allergy
  • Barking
  • Litter tray
  • Avian behaviour
  • Dental health
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rabbit wellness
  • Weight
  • New pet