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Create lifelong customers with the VetCheck annual pet owner marketing platform, with no additional effort. Drive engagement and keep front of mind between visits.

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What is it?

VetCheck is a unique communication delivery system that delivers high quality dynamic content that is targeted to the species and life stage of the pet and comes from the vet on a regular basis. Covering birthdays, preventative care, life stage milestone and health awareness months (dental, behaviour etc), this revolutionary educational platform improves pet healthcare and business outcomes. VetCheck is your automated annual veterinary marketing campaign helping you keep connected to your customers between veterinary visits.


Communicating and engaging with customers is a critical component in maintaining and developing beneficial relationships. Pet owners on average get 15-minutes with their veterinarian each year. This is not enough time for pet owners to get the information they need to raise a happy and healthy pet. Through automated practice-branded communications, pet owners will receive tailored life stage communications to help them navigate pet parenting.

How it works?

The VetCheck platform automatically identifies the species and date of birth of the pet to determine a curated experience for your clients. Pet owners can enrol into your vet practice's wellness communication program and instantly start receiving alerts in two ways from Premium VetCheck Practices:

1. When you share a digital handout, pet owners can easily select to opt-in directly from the shared email.

2. Tell pet owners to sign up at and select your practice.

It’s as simple as that!

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