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Transforming how veterinary teams communicate with pet owners. VetCheck’s professional templates, digital forms, discharge instructions, home care videos, help you build stronger client relationships, increase treatment adherence, drive practice growth and more importantly save time.

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From client acquisition to advocacy, VetCheck supports the veterinary team at every step of the patient journey.

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Deliver your health messages better and faster to help manage client expectations, increase compliance and save time.

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Digital forms with e-sign

Select from VetCheck's practice form templates and share to clients for easy data collection and secure e-signatures. Designed specifically for the veterinary industry and integrates seamlessly into websites and vet practice management systems.

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Client communications

Over 2000 visual handout templates that will exceed your expectations, support your recommendations, and save you time. Put simply, we give you the right information at the right time in a way your clients will understand. No more client confusion, better compliance and more time for patient care.

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Professional websites

Build trust and showcase your expertise right from the start. Our website solutions are designed to attract new clients and provide valuable online resources for convenience.

Easy client communication.

We understand that client education is challenging - especially when you’re time poor. VetCheck handouts and forms can be shared in 2 clicks saving your team time but ensuring they get the right information. Reduce paperwork and time wasted on client confusion e.g. callbacks, complaints, poor compliance. Your clients will have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

digital form and pet owner
educational video and pet owner

Increase treatment plan acceptance.

Sharing highly visual health information, home care videos, and programs at the right time support the patient’s unique journey, increases the acceptance of your treatment recommendations, and enables better treatment outcomes for healthier pets and happier clients.

Supercharge your practice’s success.

Think of VetCheck as your very own content writer, graphic designer, social media writer, form creator, and client educator, all for a low monthly price.

Ensure you are future ready with VetCheck’s suite of client communication tools that help you deliver high quality care and exceptional client experiences. Add value and increase client satisfaction to drive client loyalty, retention, and word of mouth.

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The backbone for veterinary client communication.

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Trusted by nearly 2000 vet practices globally

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12+ countries

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Over 180,000 client communication views a year

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10 hours saved a week in client call backs, client emails and paperwork

VetCheck can help you increase practice efficiency and elevate the customer experience. Want to learn more?

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The Australian Veterinary Association has kindly made their pet educational content available through VetCheck to enhance the quality and accessibility of knowledge for better pet healthcare.


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VetCheck Education


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  • Business branded with logo
  • Access to participating industry brochures
  • Access to select templates
  • Access to select videos

VetCheck Premium




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  • 1-3 vet/s* (Practices with 20+ vets, contact us.)
  • Practice branded with logo
  • Access to 2000 digital templates including all discharge instructions, behaviour action plans
  • Access to 100 videos
  • Access to digital forms and health assessments
  • Access to participating industry brochures
  • Access to seasonal social media toolkits
  • Edit functionality
  • Create your own digital content
  • Upload images and videos
  • Save templates for you and your team
  • Organise your content into your own folder
  • Easily find your content with search
  • Permissions for sharing to social media and newsletters
  • SSL secure submissions
  • Encrypted e-signatures
  • Shareable link creation (per month) = 1000
  • Client email export (.CSV format)
  • File storage 5GB
  • Email support

VetCheck Integration



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Valid for participating PMS only.

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  • VetCheck Premium features
  • Auto-save into patient history
  • Pre-fill digital certificates e.g. vaccination, health, desexing
  • Pre-fill client share modal
  • Smart content search - get recommended search results based on a "search-keyword" trigger from the PMS system.
  • Automatic delivery of content based on product/service codes e.g. discharge instructions, drug profiles
  • Supplement SMS reminders with educational content e.g. annual health check, vaccinations

* Additional vet = $10 per month

What your peers are saying.

Saved countless hours

“ Before VetCheck I had to make my own client handouts and discharge instructions for each and every patient. It became difficult to collate all of these all at once. If I had something saved, it was on a computer or drive separate to my consult room, meaning I had to consciously make it happen later in the day. Keeping VetCheck logged in in consult rooms means that I can save time by sending things as I go through consults each day. I’ve saved countless hours in creating handouts and getting the information clients need. ”

Dr. Georgia
Lake Rd Vet Clinic

All staff have embraced it

“ We have been using VetCheck for almost a year now, and all of the staff have embraced it. The vets use it in consults, and the nurses use it to send information prior to and post surgery. We have had positive feedback from our clients, so we feel that it is good added value to our service. ”

Dr. Stephanie
Bonny Hills Vet Clinic

Made things so much easier

“ Personalizing client handouts and forms and making them available in a digital format makes things so much easier for practice staff and helps improve client compliance, which is the most important thing. It seems crazy that in our digital world we would still be using printed handouts and forms. ”

Practice Manager, Greencross veterinary group

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