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Veterinary software that transforms how veterinary teams run a modern practice and communicate with pet owners. VetCheck’s professional templates, digital forms, discharge instructions, home care videos, help you build stronger client relationships, increase treatment adherence, drive practice growth and more importantly save time.

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From client acquisition to advocacy, VetCheck supports the veterinary team at every step of the patient journey to deliver best practice.

Paperless client registration and patient history collection
Set client expectations with pre-treatment information
Convenient client consent with digital forms with e-signature
Save time with integrated hospital charts, customizable treatment plans and task alerts
Implement best practice with integrated digital GA monitoring, dental charts & electronic prescriptions.
Increased compliance with discharge instructions, treatment plans and home care videos
Stay connected with your client between visits with pet health programs and social media

Easy client communication.

We understand that client education is challenging - especially when you’re time poor. VetCheck handouts and forms can be shared in 2 clicks saving your team time but ensuring they get the right information. Reduce paperwork and time wasted on client confusion e.g. callbacks, complaints, poor compliance. Your clients will have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

digital form and pet owner
educational video and pet owner

Increase treatment plan acceptance.

Sharing highly visual health information, home care videos, and programs at the right time support the patient’s unique journey, increases the acceptance of your treatment recommendations, and enables better treatment outcomes for healthier pets and happier clients.

Supercharge your practice’s success.

VetCheck is your powerful digital workflow, hospital chart, treatment plan software that transforms how your team collaborates.

Ensure you are future ready with VetCheck's suite of tools that help your deliver hight quality care and an exceptional client experience.

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The backbone for veterinary hospital efficiency and client communication.

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Trusted by nearly 2000 vet practices globally

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12+ countries

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Over 180,000 client communication views a year

clock saving time

10 hours saved a week in client call backs, client emails and paperwork

VetCheck can help you increase practice efficiency and elevate the customer experience. Want to learn more?

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The Australian Veterinary Association has kindly made their pet educational content available through VetCheck to enhance the quality and accessibility of knowledge for better pet healthcare.


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All Tools

The complete client communication templates, marketing package, best practice vet tools, and hospital workflow solution.

From $199 /month*

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Client Comms and Forms

The complete client communication solution - Easily share, edit, store and organise practice forms with e-signature, surgery preparation, handouts, discharge instructions, behavior modification plans, home care videos.

From $80 /month**

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Vet Tools

Professional best practice tools - digital GA monitoring and dental charts, digital certificates, electronic prescriptions and more. An add-on to Client Comms and Forms.

Additional $50 /month**

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Marketing Tools

Engage with your client between visits with automated pet health programs (e.g. puppy, kitten, OA, kidney, heart disease) and get access to hundreds of regularly updated social media content. An add-on to Client Comms and Forms.

Additional $50 /month**

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Hospital Workflow

The complete digital hospital whiteboard solution that deeply integrates with your practice management system. Easily create treatment plans, set task alerts, and create treatment templates from within your practice management system. An add-on to Client Comms and Forms.

Additional $200 /month**

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*Standard pricing for 1-3 FTE vet practice. For 4-10 FTE vet practice $299/month. Contact us for 10+ FTE vets.
**Standard pricing for 1-3 FTE vet practice. An additional FTE vets is an extra $10 per month.
One-time setup fee of $100.
Integrates with participating practice management systems only.

What your peers are saying.

Saved countless hours

“ Before VetCheck I had to make my own client handouts and discharge instructions for each and every patient. It became difficult to collate all of these all at once. If I had something saved, it was on a computer or drive separate to my consult room, meaning I had to consciously make it happen later in the day. Keeping VetCheck logged in in consult rooms means that I can save time by sending things as I go through consults each day. I’ve saved countless hours in creating handouts and getting the information clients need. ”

Dr. Georgia
Lake Rd Vet Clinic

Less paperwork!

“Less paperwork! Easy to get information to both clients and vet teams, and the updated content is great!”

Kingston Veterinary Hospital

Access anywhere on any device

“Definitely less paperwork and filing! VetCheck is easy to access from home to share forms for the following week. E-signatures have been really useful too.”

Mona Vale Vet Hospital

Made things so much easier

“ Personalizing client handouts and forms and making them available in a digital format makes things so much easier for practice staff and helps improve client compliance, which is the most important thing. It seems crazy that in our digital world we would still be using printed handouts and forms. ”

Practice Manager, Greencross veterinary group

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