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VetCheck is for forward-thinking veterinary teams who are committed to focusing on the client to drive practice growth. Our innovative healthcare delivery benefits vets, pet owners and most importantly the pet.

Share instantly to the pet owner's mobile device.


VetCheck is a comprehensive digital resource of practice-branded handouts, health assessments, anatomical diagrams and forms that enables good client communication. It takes less than 1 minute to create a VetCheck pet report to provide your customers with the information they need in the format they want. Almost 100% of VetCheck reports are opened, which means pet owners are more likely to engage with your recommendations.

Practice branded

Position your team as the experts when it comes to pet health, and not Dr. Google.

400+ customisable handouts, technical diagrams & social media content

Save time with a comprehensive and trustworthy digital library written by our expert panel that covers over 8 animal species.

Personalised content

Deliver a personalised service to help demonstrate your commitment to the customer and encourage a proactive approach to pet care.

Tailored medical plans and health assessments

Improved knowledge of the problem and care options will drive informed compliance to treatment protocols and prescriptions.

Online forms and mobile appointment cards

Save staff time and decrease paperwork with online prescription refills that are convenient for your clients.

PetCheck pet portal

Push personalised content straight to the pet owner’s phone where it can be stored in their pet’s health portal and reviewed over and over again.


As the pace of veterinary advancement accelerates, even the most experienced veterinary teams are challenged to keep up with all the changes that impact their practice. Clients demand – and deserve – maximum value and a higher level of care. That’s exactly what we deliver every day, through a variety of resources that prescribe the right information at the right time, to improve communication, increase compliance rates, enhance the pet owner experience and most importantly better pet health outcomes.


pet owner satisfaction


to create a personalised, doctor-created report


client confusion & call-backs

Client health information.
Online forms & health assessments.
Educational diagrams.

Expert Advisory Panel

VetCheck relies upon the expertise of its independant expert advisory panel to represent varying views within the veterinary profession and to help ensure we provide pet professionals with a high quality resource.

Linda Abraham

BSc BVetMed PhD (Lond) MRCVS MACVSc FACVSc (Canine Medicine)

Laura Brockley

BVSc, MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine), FANZCVS veterinary oncology

Keshe Chow

BVSc, MVetClinStud, MANZCVS(small animal medicine)

Maureen Cooper

DVM, MANZCVS (small animal medicine), FANZCVS veterinary oncology

Rob Hilton

BVSc(Hons) MANZCVS (canine medicine) Cert.VD MRCVS

Carolyn O’Brien

BVSc(Hons), MVetClinStud, FACVSc(feline medicine)

Melanie Rockman

BVSc MANZCVS (Behaviour)

James Simcock

BVSc (hons), MANZCVS (Internal Medicine), Registered Specialist of Small Animal Surgery, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Rob Webster

BVSc (Hons) FANZCVS (Emergency and Critical Care)

David Byrne

MVB MANZCVS (Equine medicine). Resident in Equine Medicine and Surgery (Medicine emphasis)

James Haberfield


Sandra Baxendell

BVSc (Hons), PhD, MANZCVSc,GCertApplSC (rural extension), GCertPSectMgt, PGDAppSc, MRurSysMan (Goat veterinary consultant)

Jane Vaughan

BVSc(Hons), PhD, MACVSc (Ruminant Nutrition) (Alpaca veterinary consultant)

Amanda Chin

BVSc, CVE (Behavioural Medicine), AMWA (Medical writing and editing), Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

What your peers are saying

“Great resource for clinic, staff, including vet nurses when giving advice to owners. VetCheck improves the quality and efficiency of the care that I can deliver.”

Alanna, Vet

“Ideal for busy small animal practices. Anything that helps my team educate our clients and work more efficiently is a tool that I want on every desktop.”

Neil, Vet

“We really like how simple VetCheck is to navigate, the quality of the handout. It’s also a great way to capture client email addresses. ”

Joan, Vet

“What a great idea, we have loads of in hospital handouts - but this is so much simpler and informative.”

Kate, Hospital manager

"Personalizing client handouts and making them available in a digital format makes things so much easier for practice staff and helps improve client compliance, which is the most important thing. It seems crazy that in our digital world we would still be using printed handouts. 

Tanja, Practice manager

“The team are really excited to have this resource available to them as it does help them with client communication.”

Animal Welfare League

What your clients are saying

“It’s wonderful to receive a report on my pet. So relevant to me.”

“It’s peace of mind knowing that I can get trusted health information from my vet clinic directly to my phone. ”

“With our busy schedule, filling in forms or reading pet health information on my iPad is so convenient.”



The Australian Veterinary Association has kindly made their pet educational content available through VetCheck to enhance the quality and accessibility of knowledge for better pet healthcare.




Access to select cat, dog, horse and exotics professional handouts

Access to industry digital brochures

Business-branded handouts

Limited sharing



Per business per month billed annually

Access to all cat, dog, horse and exotics professional handouts

Access to industry digital brochures

Business-branded handouts

Unlimited sharing

Unlimited users

Logo integration

Unlimited license to original content for newsletters and social media

Client email exports

Email data download in .CSV format

Featured business on PetCheck pet portal

Email support


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Access to all cat, dog, horse and exotics professional handouts

Access to industry digital brochures

Business-branded handouts

Unlimited sharing

Unlimited users

Logo integration

Client email exports

Practice-wide metrics and analytics

Email support

Product recommendation integration

Practice handout integration

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